Among the most influential scientists, 43 are from the Vanvitelli University

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Among the most cited authors in the world in the various disciplines there are 43 researchers and professors of the Vanvitelli University, all listed in the ranking of the most influential world authors in the year 2019.

PLOS Biology has published the ranking of the most cited authors in the world in the various disciplines (22) and scientific sub-disciplines (176), evaluating both the long-term impact, thanks to a 1996-2019 time window, and short-term , considering only the 2019 scientific production, a category that also includes 'young' scientists. And for a wider view, multidisciplinary journals that had not previously been examined were also included.

Among the indicators used:  the total number of citations received and the citations of articles in which the researcher is a single author, first or last author.

Among the macro areas in which the presence of researchers from the Vanvitelli University stands out are Clinical Medicine, Biology, Engineering, Environmental and Terrestrial Sciences, Agriculture, Physics and Astronomy, Information and Communication Technologies and related areas of enabling technologies (Kets).

Here is the complete list of researchers and professors of the Vanvitelli University:

Maj, Mario
Ciardiello, Fortunato
Arena, Umberto
Giugliano, Dario
Esposito, Katherine
Napoli, Claudio
Baldry, Anna Costanza
Paolisso, Giuseppe
Argenziano, G.
Galderisi, Silvana
Tedeschi, Gioacchino
Vitelli, Massimo
Loguercio, Carmelina
Carillo, Petronia
Valentini, G.
Della Corte, Alessandro
Calabrò, Paolo
Riccio, Aniello
Ficco, Massimo
Caraglia, Michele
Federico, Alessandro
Castaldi, Simona
De Matteis, Gianfranco
Matera, Maria Gabriella
Catauro, Michelina
Ricciardelli, F.
Cartenì, Armando
Coppola, Nicola
Pellino, G.
De Nicola, Luca
Schiraldi, Chiara
Iannace, Gino
Rossi, Francesco
Conzo, Giovanni
Zeni, Luigi
Laino, Luigi
Minardo, A.
Perillo, Letizia
Campobasso, Carlo Pietro
Battipaglia, Giovanna
Gallo, Daniele
Monda, Marcellino
Altucci, Lucia