FUTURO REMOTO 2020 - Planet: between global changes and epochal challenges

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The XXXIV edition of Futuro Remoto proposes a journey through the metamorphosis of our Planet due to climate change and major “planetary” events, such as the Covid19 pandemic.

The Covid19 pandemic has determined globally a real social and economic revolution with consequences that will last for years on all global macro-regions. Other pandemics could occur as well as other catastrophes linked to climate change, which, in contrast, will also represent a great potential for development.

Futuro Remoto 2020 looks forward, taking advantage of a lesson that comes from the pandemic: the essential role of scientific and technological research for our well-being and that of the planet, and in particular in the biomedical and computer science sectors.

Explore these themes with exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations, events, meetings and shows that will take place in person and online through many innovative formats and with the involvement of thousands of researchers. All activities, even when online, are based on interactivity and the possibility for visitors to observe, experiment, dialogue.

Futuro Remoto is an event born 34 years ago, in 1987, the first Science Festival in Europe, with the urgency of creating a dialogue between science and society. It aims to give voice to the world of science, national and international research, by connecting with the main research centres in the world, from CERN to the Concordia Station in Antarctica, and with great guests such as Nobel Prize Saul Perlmutter.

Scientific knowledge is for everyone, it is very important to help young people especially to move in the crowded world of information and online content, fighting fake news and offering opportunities for knowledge and methods in reading reality.

We look forward your visit during Futuro Remoto to plan together a future for our Planet.