Engineering, here comes the “super brain”. A computer that processes trillions of data.

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A super computer capable of processing an incredible number of data to be applied to information technology, smart cities, the environment, economy, chemistry, engineering, physics. It is called V:HPCCRI and it is the new great equipment of the Department of Engineering of the Vanvitelli University, one of the most advanced in Southern Italy. A High Performance Computing infrastructure dedicated to offering, following the Cloud Computing paradigm, extremely high-performance Computing services for researchers of the Department, of the University and for the network of Italian Research Structures belonging to GARR.

This super computer will be presented to the University and the world of research on September 30th, at 10.30 am, at the Department of Engineering in Aversa.

"The purchase of this great equipment by our University - explains the Rector of Vanvitelli, Giuseppe Paolisso - is part of our Project “V:ALERE”, which represents a tool for enhancing and promoting research activities, on which the University, starting from 2017, invests increasing resources. The aims of V:ALERE are ideas and young people: stimulate young minds to believe in their own abilities and in the value of Research, but also to allow the University to make a qualitative leap forward. The purchase of this equipment will give the possibility to many researchers to carry out studies and research of the highest level in many different fields".

The work of this super computer will consist in collecting and processing huge amounts of data (Big Data), possibly even from different sources, carrying out specific research activity aimed at the study of Artificial Intelligence itself, but also at applications for Smart Cities, to those to improve the quality of the environment, economic analysis and social media, from genomics to medical genetics and oncology, from monitoring and analysis of data from electricity, water and telecommunications networks to more traditional areas such as physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, the study of the Climate, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Nuclear Fusion, Numerical Calculation, Structural Calculations.

"Nowadays research, in all fields, increasingly depends on the possibility of collecting, managing and processing a large number of data (Big Data Analytics) - explains the director of the department Furio Cascetta - The goal of V:HPCCRI is to provide the Department of Engineering and the Vanvitelli University of a High Performance Computing infrastructure, able to offer research-oriented computing services, offering a dedicated Research infrastructure, which can also be shared with other academic and scientific communities, while maintaining the possibility of freely defining their own data management policies and remaining owners of the data collected ".

Presentation of the event